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Although reputations are usually earned over time, some companies have been known to overshadow all others by the magnitude and excellence of their work. TALSON is such a firm.

From the outset, TALSON distinguished itself by tackling complex projects never before attempted by the industry. Its assignments took the company nationally and internationally where TALSON established new and higher standards for its many engineering disciplines. It wasn’t long before this remarkable organization was winning the trust and respect of clients and competitors alike. Despite its many firsts though, it was TALSON's disciplined approach to project management and its masterful implementation of instrumentation and control systems that would earn the company its greatest marks.

No one could be prouder than TALSON of its incredible track record and the range of difficult projects it has handled around the globe. Moreover, few companies can match the enthusiasm and experience of a TALSON-engineered project. This is no mere boasting; it’s simply the truth. Check the facts for yourself:

• No competitive firm will put an experienced project manager on every job and follow that project through to completion like TALSON.

• No company will do a more thorough job and with more forethought and creativity than TALSON.

• No other firm will stay ahead of the project and organize it, implement it and finish it ahead of schedule like TALSON.

• Few firms will apply the most advanced technologies to all working systems in a quicker turnaround time than TALSON.

• Few firms will fine-tune the development or conceptual side of an idea like TALSON.

TALSON knows how to engineer your project and to bring every job to the finish line as promised.


TALSON–the dynamic company you want working for you.

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